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Jessop Wines is a boutique family winery established in 2021 and run by brothers Matthew and Chris. The idea for a cool climate, minimal intervention label has been kicking around for years over family lunches and evenings drinking epic wines - but stayed on the back-burner while Chris spent the last ten years between the Mosel, Otago and South Australia making wine. 

Now based permanently in Australia, Jessop Wines is sourcing sustainable and high quality grapes from Orange to produce small batch, single vineyard releases. We love cool climate wines and we're committed to making high altitude wines that reflect both this amazing region of NSW and also Chris' experience as a winemaker to produce something wholly unique.

All our wines are made with the same overarching ethos. That is to produce wines that are vineyard focussed, fruit driven, light touch and that reflect the place and the time they were made. All our wines are wild ferments, unfined, unfiltered, matured in neutral oak and we're never adding anything we don't absolutely have to.

Jessop Wines will evolve year-on-year to expand the range, experiment and have fun with the fruit Orange has to offer. But for 2022 we're super excited to be able to release three awesome wines; a bright and fruit forward Pinot Noir, a Mosel-style Riesling and a skin contact 'Orange' made with 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy!

Matthew + Chris

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